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Best way to keep your Android clean and safe with avg cleaner pro apk 2019

If you are looking for the place that can help you out for managing the applications on your device, then it is time to get the app that will share very less space and will always help you manage the app that you have in your smartphones or other devices. The application that can provide the comfort of handling the applications is avg cleaner pro apk that is one of the best apps that you have on the internet. It is the most useful application that will let you have several good functions. The use of the battery that you have now and then use that will be after having this application in your device will have a lot of difference. You will be saving battery to extend the use of the battery. The app is well organized that is available free at Google Play.


Today you have several applications that are letting you save the life of the battery. But Avg cleaner pro apk is better and reliable. The users of this application are numerous and are very much satisfied with the performance that they are getting from it. It is a fact that all the operating system that you have in the market is using 70 percent of the device as the operating system. It is also an operating system that will occupy very less place. Several features provide you to have the comfort of a long life for your device. In this article, you will know about the features of this software, how to download or install and from where you can get this reliable software.

How to download and install avg cleaner pro apk 2019

It is easy to download this avg cleaner pro apk. This is the application that is free on the Google play store. If you do not have the Google play store, then you can download Google play first. It is also for free. You can click on the Google Play and select the app that is avg cleaner pro apk. The avg cleaner pro apk will come on the front of the screen, and there you will see the install button that will just be clicked for one time, and the downloading will be started. It will take a few minutes to get downloaded in your device.

After you have installed it, then you need to open it for once so that you can have the icon for this application. The app will get opened, and you are ready to do that you want. There is the option of on and off that you have in the application. If you don’t need it, then you can simply off it. But this application will always provides you the comfort of alerting you when there will be less space in the mobile or that will alert you for battery going to be finished, and will help you scan all the applications and will make the space in the mobile, saves battery, and is able to clear junk files. There is nowhere to search this software because the play store is available on every Android device.

What are the top features ?

The software is providing you the advance option that will help any Android device get cleaned very fast. There are several unique features that you will have in this application. The features that you have in this application will always improve the performance of your device. It helps in cleaning up all the junk files, clearing all cache and also helps in improving the speed of the device.


As you know or not that junk files are those files that occupy the space in the device and they are of no use. The junk files also create problems like hanging of the device or that you have a slow process from the device. It can immediately clean all the junk files from your device and let you have the device to run normally. You have the option in the application that is quick clean. It will clean all the files that are junk.

AVG Cleaner is the software that has been the latest version from the makers of popular application AVG for Android platform. You are also having the scanning option in this software that will help you scan all the other app with all the files that are stored in the Android device. The scanning will scan all the software and hardware of the device and let you get protected from not getting a virus.

It can scan and delete the virus immediately from your device. If you are using Bluetooth, then you must run the scanning option. The maximum virus comes from the Bluetooth because you transfer files that might have the virus. Running the option scanning will give you the chance to detect the virus and will help to delete the virus. You have the option for boosting the memory to get freed.

AVG Cleaner Pro Features

  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Battery Saver
  • Photo Optimizer
  • Themes
  • Direct Support
  • Tutorials

What are the things you need to know about avg cleaner pro apk?

If you like to download or install this reliable avg cleaner pro apk, the play store provides you the advantage to download free. Many websites are also providing you the option of downloading it from their site. You can have the reviews to read from the other sites. You have the option to comment on their website. You are also free to ask any question from their experts. The site offers you to have the answer to any question that is related to the software.

If you are not able to understand anything that is in this software, then you can type the question and immediately get the answer. On their site, you can see the views and ask questioned. Taking this avg cleaner pro apk will give the device to have a long life. It will always give you the benefits of saving battery, cleaning junk file, detecting the virus and kill it and clearing all the cache. All the updates that will be coming in this software can be informed to you if you will have this software downloaded in your device. You have a new feature that is CPU cooler. The option helps you cooling the device if it is getting heated.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK app information

App DeveloperAVG Mobile
Download ProviderGoogle play store
Latest version4.14.0
Size20.8 mb


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